Advokatbyrån Linderholm AB provides legal representation for crime victims, asylum seekers, suspects and detainees. Our services are usually provided free of charge and paid for by public funding.

Legal consultation available pro bono.

Our staff is fluent in English. Interpreters in other languages are available upon request.

If you need our help,
please call us at 010-516 47 90 (+4610-516 47 90)
or email us at

Asylum and detention.

A person who is an asylum seeker in Sweden has the right to a public counselor during the asylum process. The counselor is either chosen by the asylum seeker, or appointed by the Migration Board.

Advokat Gustaf Linderholm represents asylum seekers, Dublin-transferees, by public appointment or by private request from the client.

These services are paid for by public funds.

Crime victims advocate and public defense.

A person who is subjected to a crime may request legal representation during the pre-trial and trial phase, a crime victims advocate (målsägandebiträde). We help crime victims all over Sweden. We assist during police hearings, assessments of damages, file claims against perpetrators, and assist in claiming awarded damages to our clients.

A person who is suspected of having committed a crime may request legal representation, a public defense attorney. We assist suspects all over Sweden.

These services are paid for by public funds.

General migration law, residency permits.

A person who wishes to relocate to Sweden can be in need of legal assistance to ensure a smooth process. We can help you with your residency application. Contact us for a consultation.

In some cases, where a current residency permit has come under review by the Migration board, a public counselor can be appointed. We can help you in this process. Contact us for a consultation.

These services are in some cases paid for by public funds, or by legal aid. Other cases are paid for by the client. Contact us for a consultation.